Who We Serve

Every successful financial and investment plan for your next stage in life requires mapping out clear goals, whatever stage you are in your financial life. We can help.

Money in Motion

A new financial situation is often a catalyst for a change of strategy and plan. Have you, for example, recently sold or are about to sell your family business? Become a new widow or newly divorced?  Recently inherited money? Retired or close to it? Each case is unique.

Business Sale

What happens after you sell your business? You may need help with your next act.

Suddenly Single

Are you newly widowed or divorced? You may need a new financial perspective.


How should adult children grow rather than squander their inherited assets?

Generational Wealth Transfer

When giving money to adult children, how do you balance conflicting priorities?

We use sophisticated financial planning and cash flow projection tools, based on your objectives, assets, income, and other factors, to help answer your wealth management questions.

Life Stages

You’ll likely progress through three major life phases—as a working career professional, nearing retirement, and fully retired.


How do you best make your money work for you in retirement?

Near Retirees

Are you close to retiring? Planning for retirement takes work.

Career Professionals

Managing family, career, and the road ahead is a complex challenge.

Clients often come to us through referrals from lawyers, estate planners, accountants, and other financial advisors.

Institutional Investors

Financial Advisors

Some financial advisors need outside help with growing their businesses. Our counsel often centers on back-office tactics for more efficient trading and operations and investment management strategies for optimal asset allocation.

Family Offices

Aurora’s equity portfolio strategies are aligned with family office objectives. These clients appreciate our growth at a reasonable price approach and often need allocations to the mid-cap core stocks in which we concentrate.


We provide investment management services as a sub-advisor. Our investment management expertise give firms a trusted partner to maintain client-invested assets while ensuring oversight of their client’s financial plans.