Aurora Investment Counsel Wins Best Investment Website Award

April 5, 2024 | Press Release

Atlanta, GA, April 5, 2024 – Aurora Investment Counsel is proud to announce that its website,, has been recognized as the “Best Investment Website” in the 2024 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards by the Web Marketing Association (WMA).

We are pleased to have won this prestigious award,” said David Yucius, Jr., CFA®, president of Aurora Investment Counsel. “This recognition demonstrates our commitment to educating and communicating with clients and prospects. We are honored to be considered among the best in the industry.”

Sondhelm Partners, a marketing and sales consultancy for asset managers, developed the winning website. “Aurora understands the importance of a high-performing website as a key element of their overall growth and retention strategy,” said Dan Sondhelm, CEO of Sondhelm Partners. “The website is designed to engage high-net-worth families and institutional investors on wealth and investment topics and to showcase Aurora’s thought leadership and expertise.”

The judges for the 2024 competition included objective professionals with an in-depth understanding of the current state of advertising design, content, and technology.

Website entries were judged on creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, use of the medium, and memorability.

Visit the IAC Winners Page for more information.

About the IAC Awards

The IAC Awards, created in 1999 by the WMA, is an annual program recognizing the best in online advertising and creativity. The WMA evaluates online advertising in 86 categories, including email, mobile apps, websites, social media, and video.

About Aurora Investment Counsel

Aurora Investment Counsel, founded in 1995 in Atlanta, GA, is an independent, employee-owned firm that delivers expert wealth management and investment management services tailored for high-net-worth and institutional clients. Our financial planning and wealth advisory services provide investors with peace of mind, knowing that critical financial decisions have been taken care of. Clients include those nearing or in retirement, business owners, career professionals, and people with new and special financial situations. Aurora also provides investment management services for family-office and institutional investor clients.

About Sondhelm Partners

Sondhelm Partners specializes in accelerating growth for select boutique asset managers globally. We amplify stories and expand assets under management. While our expertise assists firms of all sizes, we excel at identifying promising “hidden gems” among boutique mutual funds, ETFs, institutional firms, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate firms. Sondhelm serves wealth managers, investment banks, research firms, fintech companies, and industry service providers. This breadth of experience allows us to design strategies tailored to each client’s situation, challenges, and goals. Sondhelm Partners is a recognized leader in creating websites optimized for engagement, content delivery, and lead generation.

For More Information

For more information, please contact Dan Sondhelm, Sondhelm Partners, at (703) 752-1510 or

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